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TEMWELL Company Profile
Taipei Main Office Building Taipei Head Office

Taipei Meeting Room

Taipei Factory Building Taipei Warehouse I-Lan Factory
Taipei R&D Center Printing Machine Temperature Test Chamber
ADS ISO 9001 Certificate RoHS Certificate
Shock Test Vibration Test Bending Test
 Agilent: HP 8714ES  Agilent: E5070B  Agilent:E5071C
Name : Temwell Corporation
Address : 8F-1, No.51, Sec. 1, Min Sheng E. Rd., Taipei Taiwan
Tel : 886-2-25652500 (7 lines)
Fax : 886-2-25652287/25515250
Factory :

Taipei house:6F-2, No.51, Sec. 1, Min Sheng E. Rd., Taipei Taiwan

I-lan house:No.13,Tek Hsin 6 Rd.,LongTe Ind. Zone,Ilan Hsien,Taiwan

Email :

Taipei Head Office:  

Date of Establishment : Dec. 22, 1988
President : Mr. James C. Y. Chang
Capital : NT$50,000,000.00/2002 year (US$1,600,000.00)
Staff : 55 persons (2008)
Taipei factory 4680 ft2
Ilan factory :

factory building: 12960 ft2,   factory  land: 27000 ft2  

Production Line 

& Max. capacity :

~ TEMWELL-World Leader -Customized Supply &Website Shop Store ~

FM.VHF.UHF Band Pass Helical Filter-Fo:45~2600MHz, BW:1~250MHz

VHF.UHF 10~50Watts Band Pass Filter IL:<0.6~3.0dB.

VHF.UHF Band Pass Multi-Diplexer

(a). Antenna Band Pass Splitter(1In/ Many out): 2-4 BandPass Frequency 
Signals Combiner (Many In/1Out): 4-8 Customized BandPass Signals
PAL-Ch Combiner (Many In/1Out): 4-8 Special DTV CH Filters

VHF.UHF 5 & 20 Watts Band Pass Power Diplexer Isolation 30~50dB.

VHF.UHF 20 Watts Power Splitter

Website Shop Store: 72 Hour Delivery


AQSR :Scope:The design and manufacture of RF Band Pass Filter,Connector Module of Band Pass Filters,Duplexers,Splitters and Combiners.

Importer Div. 

Import all kind of RF semiconductor & RF Components

Commercial : Taiwan Electronic Appliance Manufactures' Association
Bank : First Commercial Bank (Chun Chung Shah Branch)





The Expert of the RF Band Pass Filter design& manufacturer, RF Diplexer &Duplexer, RF 50 ohm& 75ohm Filter, RF Tunable Filter


Temwell Corporation / Temstron Co., Ltd.

   8F-1,No.51, Sec.1,Min Sheng E. Rd.,Taipei, Taiwan    Tel:886-2-25652500 ( 7 Line )    Fax: 886-2-25515250  /  886-2-25652287    

E-Mail : 

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