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Standard Short Form:

7HL Series 


5WL Series 


Centre Freq. (Fo) :45~1500 MHz 230~2600MHz
Case H x L :12.5 x 7.6 mm 8.6 x 5.6 mm
Product series
 -Double 7H2L (TDL )   5W2L ( TDWL )  
-Triple 7H3L ( TTL )  5W3L ( TTWL ) 
-Quadruple 7H4L ( TFL )   5W4L ( TFWL )
-Quintuple 7H5L ( TVL )  
 Special Application:
75 [  D-CATV & DVB-T Band Pass Channel Filter Utilization
     RF BP Filter for F.C.C. D-CATV Channel
     RF BP Filter for PAL D-CATV Channel
     RF BP Filter for CCTV Channel

     RF BP Filter for Satellite Network & Wireless MDS(MMDS) System

     High Attenuation Filter (7H4) for FCC/PAL Channel Filter
     RF 75ohm Custom Bandpass Filter Service

 Size Diagram

7H2 Size Diagram 5W2 Size Diagram
7H3 Size Diagram 5W3 Size Diagram
7H4 Size Diagram 5W4 Size Diagram
7H5 Size Diagram
 Parts No Description:
Parts No Description
Pin Position Diagram:
Pin Position Diagram

50[ Helical BandPass Filter Short Form

75[ Helical BandPass Filter Short Form


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