TEMWELL Corporation design & manufacture RF Helical Band Pass Filter

(Passive Components) since 1994. We use £f/4 wavelength technology to design

RF Helical Band Pass Filters & Power Band Pass Filter for Cellular Mobile Telecom.


VHF UHF(200~520MHz) Antenna Splitter for Digital Broadcast Satellite/ Terrestrial /

CATV PAL Channel Band Pass Filter, Wireless telecommunication,

Wireless satellite network, and 2Way/ 4Way UHF Power Splitter, GSM Splitter,

GPS Splitter,Miniature Diplexer,VHF UHF 20W 2 Way Diplexer are all available. 


We also support Alternative Toko type filters in many series, such as,5HW,5HT,7HW,7HT,5CHT,5CHW,5CHLW,CBW13,CBT13,HRW & HRQ.



!!New Coming!!

 High Attenuation

Standard RF Bandpas Filter

for Ham Radio Users

Temwell upgrades all Ham Radio standard filter
in to higher level as 4 Pole bandpass Filter, which provide 10 dB better Attenuation value from
current 6 standard frequency spec, Fo=146MHz, 232.5MHz, 435MHz, 915MHz, 1270MHz,1282.5MHz

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!!New Series coming!!

 Standard RF Bandpas Filter

for NB-IoT Application


TEMWELL announced new series Band Pass Filter for Narrow Band IoT application at Frequency band of  146M, 157M,160M,172M,460M,700M,868M,915M with the request of low BW, Low IL and high Attenuation value for NB-IoT application

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!!New Released!!

 Standard RF Bandpas Filter

for White band Space Users

In order to serve the user of surferring arroud the white band space, Temwell provides the white band spec filter as standard source. Including USA, CANADA, EUROPE, and South AFRICA, our white band space filter could give your full service. Review and see what you could get.

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Temwell Quadruple Tuning Helical Filter

The only supplier in the worldwide

(F0=45~~2600MHz) for high attenuation circuit, 

suitable High Attenuation, low I.L., and 

wide B.W. requirement

¡¹Temwell 7H4 Series RF BandPass Helical Filter
¡¹Temwell 7H4L Series RF BandPass Helical Filter
¡¹Temwell 5W4 Series RF BandPass Helical Filter
¡¹Temwell 5W4L Series RF BandPass Helical Filter
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 Multiple combination between 

 Frequency and Bandwidth for

Aircraft Communication  

 Temwell standard filter support two type frequency with 8 different type Bandwidth for aircraft communication design.   

~Flexible filter spec as your best design tool 

in aircraft communication device~

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!!New Providing !!

 Temwell Customized Filter support for all RF   

 application developing engineers to reject LTE 

 signal interference, especially those important RF

  application around LTE system.


~Custom Frequency and Bandwidth for all Band ~

 ¡¹ 450MHz Band
 ¡¹ 700MHz Band
 ¡¹ 800MHz/ 850MHz Band
 ¡¹ 900MHz Band
 ¡¹ 2100MHz Band
 ¡¹ 2.4GHz/ 2.5GHz Band
 ¡¹ 2.6GHz Band

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!!New Released!!

 Standard Open Frequency Filter

for Ham radio Users

Temwell released standard filter series for open frequency area users, such as, Ham radio, Amateur radio, Free User, etc. Referring to national regulation of United States, Temwell support 6 standard frequency spec, Fo=146MHz, 232.5MHz, 435MHz, 915MHz, 1270MHz, 1282.5MHz, in many different kind of size and applications, EX: Pin type and Module type with different connector type.

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Temwell Super Broad Band Helical Filter

"(-1/-3 dB) Bandwidth > 120MHz UP "


Temwell provides special 3 pole (Triple Tuning) and / 4 pole (Quadruple Tuning) RF  BandPass  Helical Filter  for  large broad band  required  customers. 

Customers can request (-1/-3 dB) large Broad Band  Filter with any point of Center Frequency (Fo=250~1500MHz), high attenuation (Min 30 dB), low Insertion Loss (<2 dB), low Group Delay ( <10 nsec), Flat Ripple (< 1 dB), etc. 

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 Standard Bandpass Filter for  

2 way radio design  

 Based on 20s year experience , Temwell build

 standard bandpass filter with different bandwidth 

 spec for 2 way radio design, such as, 70MHz Band, 

160MHz Band, with 5MHz BW, 10MHz BW, etc.  

~Flexible filter spec as your best design tool 

in 2 way radio design~

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Temwell All Customized Product Series

The only supplier in the worldwide


You can indicate any Fo, BW, IL, Sensitivity, Impedance,
Connector, Size, Pin Position, or more..

¡¹Temwell RF BandPass Helical Filter
¡¹Temwell TM Module Power Filter
¡¹Temwell Toko Type RF BandPass Filter
¡¹Temwell 1-4 way Antenna Splitter and Combiner
¡¹Temwell Multi-Diplexer & Multi-Duplexer


!!Hot Application!!

LTE Repeater Bandpass Filter!!

Support LTE Repeater eliminating noise

under Standard LTE Band

   All standard LTE Band, Band1~14, A1~A3,

    B1~B3,C1~C5, Block A~D, etc, have its suitable 

  Temwell bnadpass Filter in order to support 

   LTE Repeater perform much better without 

   noise affect.


   Temwell LTE Repeater Filter is your best choice !!


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 High Frequency Bandpass Filter for  

TX / RX design  

 Temwell support high frequency band filter with 

 different bandwidth spec for TX / RX design, such

 as, 700MHz Band, 800MHz Band and 900MHz Band, 

 with 5MHz BW to 100MHz BW, etc.  

~Changable high band filter spec is ready 

for your all TX/ RX APPLICATION~

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 RF & Microwave Component 

    Total Design Solution and Supply

Temwell extends business to RF & Microwave components design and manufacture by Temstron as supply source.  

¡¹Supply Source: Power divider & Power splitter, Hybrid Coupler & Directional coupler, Notch filter, Band stop filter, Band reject filter, Cavity filter, Coaxal filter, LTE Filter, Lumped LTE Filter, DR LTE Filter, Cavity duplexer, Antenna, Waveguide filter, Waveguide duplexer, Multiplexer, Triplexer, DVB-t filter, Broadband filter, Cable assembly, Attenuator, Terminator, Termination, Precise Cable, Amplifier, Band trap filter, Channel filter, Channel trap filter, Crystal filter, Ceramic filter, Di-electric filter, Dielectric filter, Combiner, Low pim duplexer, Low pim combiner, LC filter, Dielectric resonator, Dielectric duplexer, Antenna duplexer, Low pass filters, High pass filter, Comb filters, Suspended substrate stripline filter, S-band, L-Band, CATV Filter, CATV Duplexer, TOKO SUMIDA Inductor, Variable inductor, TOKO SUMIDA Coil, Variable coil, Circulator, UMTS Combiner, SMT Filter, SMD Filter, 2 way splitter, 3 way splitter, 4 way splitter,etc.

~Total Supply in RF & Microwave Component~

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!! !!Popular Application  !! !!

Sub-1GHz Band for IoT & M2M

  According to standard Sub-1GHz using frequency  

  band and bandwidth, Temwell support full band

  bandpass filter in order to give IoT application and

  M2M system the best communication quality,

  such as, 783MHz, 722.5MHz, 868MHz, 928 MHz,    

   433MHz and 450Mhz, etc.


Your best design and R&D source~

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!!New Coming!!

Replaceable support!!

Murata Standard SMD bandpass filter

Temwell supports Filters for Murata Standard SMD Filter with completed replaced performance filter,

such as, DFCH Series 800/900MHz and DFCB Series 800/900MHz.


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!!New Product Coming  !!



 Temwell released new product series - Temwell 

4pole / 5pole / 6 pole Filter for you to have extremely 

high attenuation performance filter.


From 4pole to 6 pole all your can indicate to make. 

All will be ready under 14 days.

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!!New Providing!!

 Internet of Things application- 

Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

Temwell supports Filters with different BW value for IoT application of Intelligent Transport System (ITC), especially in the popular using frequency band, such as,315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 902Mhz, etc.


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!!New Proposal!!

 Temwell Custom LTE bandpass Filter

Temwell released LTE Filter for all regular frequency

band, such as , 450MHz, 700MHz, 800MHz,850MHz,

 900MHz,1700MHz 1800MHz, 1900MHz 2100MHz,

 2400MHz, 2500MHz,and 2600MHz. 


All have reference spec sheet online to you for


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!!New Arriving !!

 Temwell VHF UHF 75ohm 

Custom Bandpass Filter Service

  Temwell Customized Service established new

  support for all VHF UHF application.


 All customized service are based  on  75ohm 

 system to match your 75 ohm design, including

 Frequency change, Bandwidth Change, 

 Attenuation adding, Type change, etc. 

~Total Filter Solution in 75ohm device~

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!!New Diplexer Service !!

 Temwell establish new service in customized

 diplexer by bandpass pair filter. It provides two

 flexible spec filter as your Tx/ Rx Channel under

 good isolation and small size.


~Custom Frequency and Bandwidth for Tx & Rx  ~

 ¡¹ Frequency Changeable: 45MHz~2600MHz
 ¡¹ Bandwidth Changeable: 10~120MHz
 ¡¹ Attenuation addable: 10~20 dB
 ¡¹ Isolation changeable: 20 dB UP

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 Mixer System Application & 

Mixer Circuit Design  

 Temwell flexible filter support all kinds of mixer

 system application and mixer circuit design.   

 Flexible spec give mixer system application having

 much better performance without any difficult.  

 ¡¹RF BandPass Helical Filter
 ¡¹TM Module Power Filter

~Flexible filter spec as your best design tool 

in Mixer system~

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!!New Support!!

 Temwell Flexible Bandpass Filter

for PWMS Application



 To support PWMS (Professional Wireless Microphone

 System) having a stable and high quality performance, 

  Temwell Flexible Bandpass Filter help PWMS user to

  reject the LTE signal around the world.



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~SMD Solution!!~

Temwell 7S Series Helical BandPass Filter with SMD Size Diagram

Temwell new release 7S Series BandPass Helical Filter providing the SMD size (3 pole: L 22.8 x W 7.6 X H 7.7 mm) with great performance to you for reference. Not only small size diagram, but also you can request Customized Service within 14 days, including Centro Frequency, Bandwidth, Insertion Loss, Attenuation, Return Loss, etc .
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!!New Coming !!

 Temwell Special Small Size Bandpass 

Helical Filter 

Looking for high performance with small size filter!!

Temwell establishes a new special series for small size requirement-5W4 series has high performance with smaller dimension. Here will be your best source for your design project.
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!!New Product !!

 Temwell Programable TX/RX Module Kit 

for New developing project

 For all engineers, the difficulty in a new RF design

 project is how to complete the circuit of Modulation

 for many different RF application to process the 

 device smoothly. Temwell Progarmable TX / RX  

 Module Kit support you the most convenient

 Modulator and Custom Filter at the same time.


 The kit will be the best assistant of your new

  developing device and design project. 



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The Reliable Testing of Temwell RF BandPass Helical Filter

The only supplier in the worldwide

Temwell RF BandPass Helical Filter pass several 

reliable testing as following. You should believe 

Temwell Helical Filter is great to use.

¡¹Mechanical Shock Test
Ref: IEC60068-2-27
¡¹Sinusoidal Vibration Test 
Ref: IEC60068-2-6 
¡¹Robustness of Terminals-Bending
Ref: IEC60068-2-21, Test Ua2
¡¹Robustness of Terminals-Pulling 
Ref: IEC60068-2-21, Test Ua1
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