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Special Small Size Filter

Small Size Helical Filter with great performance 




  Temwell establishes a new special series for small size requirement-5W4 series 

  has high performance with smaller dimension. It not only has small size diagram, 

  but also enable to support customized spec service, including Frequency change,

  Bandwidth Change, and Attenuation (Rejection) adding.


Specification range:
Frequency: 230~2600MHz
Bandwidth: 5~100MHz



4 Pole Helical Filter - TFW (22.4x5.6x8.6)

3 Pole Helical Filter - TTW (16.8x5.6x8.6)

2 Pole Helical Filter - TDW (11.2x5.6x8.6)


Regular Filter Size

Smaller Filter Size



A. Performance Comparison

  Please refer to the following comparison table of 3pole Helical Filter and 4pole Helical Filter.

  Under the same specification requirement, special small size Filter can completely work as

   requested under small dimension.

3 Pole Helical Filter

4 Pole Helical Filter

B. Customized Service in Small size Bandpass Helical Filter

  Temwell special small size Helical Filter support small dimension and 

   customized service to you for reference.  

   Frequency Change Service from : 230MHz~2600MHz  

   Bandwidth Change Service: 5MHz~150MHz   @


C. Small size Bandpass Helical Filter

   There are 3 different small size filter series to you according to your different performance  

   requirement. 2 pole is as 5W2 (TDW Series),  3 pole is as 5W3 (TTW Series)  and 4 pole 

   as 5W4 (TFW Series) is the most great performance in small size filter series. 

   Please refer to the following catalog link for more detail spec sheet.


Temwell 5W2 (TDW) Series BandPass Helical Filter 11.2x5.6x8.6mm
Temwell 5W3 (TTW) Series BandPass Helical Filter 16.8x5.6x8.6 mm
Temwell 5W4 (TFW) Series BandPass Helical Filter 22.4x5.6x8.6 mm

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