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Programable TX / RX Module Kit 

Programable TX/RX Module + Customized Bandpass Filter



  For all engineers, the difficulty in a new RF design project is how to complete 

  the  circuit  of  Modulation  for  many  different  RF application  to process  the 

  device smoothly.  Temwell  Progarmable TX / RX  Module  Kit support you the 

  most convenient  Modulator and  Custom  Filter at the same time.


  In the Modulator module, you could settle the requested RF Spec ( Frequency 

  & Bandwidth)  in  second   by  computer  program  according   to  the  website



  In the custom Filter, Temwell provides 4 different types of Bandpass filter series 

  to you for reference. You could have your specific filter in just 14days as well.


   The kit will be the best assistant of your new developing device and design

   project. Please refer to following Catalog list match your TX/RX Module. 


    In the Modulator module, the RF Spec in Frequency & Bandwidth are changable

    and it is very easy to make the adjustment.


     Bandwidth : 1MHz~14MHz   @



  In the custom Filter,  Temwell provides  2 main Customized  service  and 

  4 different types of Bandpass filter series to you for reference.  All requested 

  spec will be completed in 14days.


   Bandwidth : 5MHz~150MHz   @

A. High Attenuation Bandpass Helical Filter
    Great value in Attenuation (rejection) value under you requested frequency. 
Temwell 7H4 Series RF BandPass Helical Filter (50ohm-30.5x7.6x12.5mm)
Temwell 7H4L Series RF BandPass Helical Filter (75ohm-30.5x7.6x12.5mm)
Temwell 5W4 Series RF BandPass Helical Filter (50ohm-22.4x5.6x8.5mm)
Temwell 5W4L Series RF BandPass Helical Filter (75ohm-22.4x5.6x8.6mm)

B. Customized Frequency Bandpass Helical Filter
    Customized specific frequency band as you wish - 45MHz ~2600MHz
RF Helical B.P. Filter Total Catalog list (50 ohm & 75ohm)

C. Broad Band Bandpass Helical Filter 
    Super Broad band fitler, at least 120MHz UP
Temwell Super BroadBand Series BandPass Helical Filter

D. Small size Bandpass Helical Filter
     Higer filter performance with smaller filter size 
Temwell 5W2 (TDW) Series BandPass Helical Filter 11.2x5.6x8.6mm
Temwell 5W3 (TTW) Series BandPass Helical Filter 16.8x5.6x8.6 mm
Temwell 5W4 (TFW) Series BandPass Helical Filter 22.4x5.6x8.6 mm

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