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TM10- 10Watt Series

50Ω  Fo= 68~2600M

TM30- 30Watt Series

50Ω  Fo=1200~2600M

TM50- 50Watt Series

50Ω/ 75Ω  Fo=100~1000M

Temwell TM Mobile Telecom Power Band Pass Filter - TM10 10 Watt Series



Band Pass Filter
Cetre Freq.(Fo)   : 70~2600 MHz
Bandwidth (-3BW) : 10~270 MHz
Series    : TM-7H3, TM-5W3
Pole  : 3 pole housed 
Terminator   : TM Module
Impedance : 50Ω,75Ω
Temperature : -30C ~ +80C
Input Power : 20~50 Watts
Connector : SMA(50Ω),N(50Ω), F(75Ω)


: 48*38*34 for N Connector

  48*38*26 for SMA / F Connector


:  All Cellular Band, P25 NMT, WiMax, 

   and RF on Fiber Systems.. etc.

TM10-7H3 Series Cellular Mobile Power Filter
     50Ω  Fo= 68~1300M
TM10-5W3 Series FCC system with Connector F 
     50Ω  Fo=1300~2600M       75Ω  BW= 6M
TM10-5W4 Series PAL system with Connector F
     50Ω  Fo=1300~2600M       75Ω  BW= 8M



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