Web Catalog Using Direction
this direction is going to introduce you how to use Temwell Web Catalog. You can find the most desired P/N and Spec immediately. Please follow up A. B. C. D. E. F to learn the using direction. 
Please list your specification as following point. According to the above figure, You can come out your spec value.
1. F0 (Center Frequency)--MHZ
2. -3dB BW (Bandwidth)--MHZ
3. IL (Insertion Loss)--dB
4. Attenuation (Isolation value)--dB
5. Size Limitation (LxWxH)--mm
6.Impedence (50 or 75)--ohm
B. Enter Website Catalog Page
Please click into Website Catalog Page as figure2, or following link.
C. Main Page to select 
Please read the description of Main Page
1.Impedence (50ohm series / 75ohm series)
2.Series (Temwell type-7H, 7S, 5W, 5R series/ Toko Type -K Series)
3.Acceptable Frequency (42~1500M/ 196~1500M/ 230~2600M/ 230~1500M)
4.Size Diagram (12.5x7.6/ 8.6x7.6/ 8.6x5.6/ 8.6x5.6/ mm))
5.Attenuation value (2 pole/ 3 pole/ 4 pole/ 5 pole/)
D. Find suitable P/N on Web Catalog List
There are 7 step to help use Web Catalog List and find out the most closed P/N you need.
Step 1: choose one series where can meet your requested Fo
ex: 7H (42~1500M) or 5W(230~2600M ) 
Step 2:choose one attenuation level, normally, 3 pole is enough.
ex: 7H3, 5R3, 5W3, etc.
Step 3: choose the range where your requested Fo is
ex: 7H3-1 (42~355), 7H3-2 (355~750), 7H3-3 (750~1500),etc 
Step 4:looking for "Accept Frequency Range" where your requested Fo is.
ex: "Requested Fo =460M" is in "Accept Frequency Range=456~515M".

Step 5: under the same "Accept Frequency Range", choose the suitable BW
ex: under "Accept Frequency Range=456~515M", you have BW= 8M,15M,26M,
      30M,40M,50,60M,80M,90M,120M,etc for you to pick.

Step 6: under the same "Accept Frequency Range" and suitable "BW", 
choose the suitable IL, Pin Position & Attenuation
ex: under "Accept Frequency Range=456~515M", you have IL= 3.0, 2.0,1.0, etc for you to pick.
ex: under "Accept Frequency Range=456~515M", you have Pin position=B, E, F type for you to pick.
ex: under "Accept Frequency Range=456~515M", you can evaluate the attenuation value of 
(Fo+/-50Mhz) , (Fo+/-100Mhz), (Fo+/-16Mhz), (Fo+/-30Mhz), etc.
Step 7: Compare all spec point (Fo, BW, IL, Attenuation), then choose the most closed P/N
ex: TT63232E-490M

1. All Fo
(Center Frequency) can be set into any point of frequency during 

   "Accept Frequency Range".
2. All P/N can change PIN POSITION from
"A, B, C, D, E, F type" to "A, B, C, D, E, F type"

   under a tiny spec change.
3. If you need to customized BW, IL, Attenuation, please contact with us directly.

E. Check Spec Data
On Web Catalog, Temwell prepare the detail spec sheet and ADS Data to you for reference.
1.Spec sheet of Each P/N
2.ADS Data of Each P/N

Temwell is the worldwide Expert of RF BandPass Helical Filter, we provide the following 

 service to you for reference.  

1. Directly order to make the referenced P/N
2. Customized Center Frequency 
3. New developing a new P/N for specific spec

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