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Helical BandPass Filter MERITS


Temwell RF BandPass Helical Filter has so many special feature that engineers 

must know it. In order to let customers have more clearly information, Temwell 

introduce the comparison list to you for reference. Such as, Center Frequency 

range, the difference between Bandwidth feature and  Insertion Loss, the difference 

in  Group Delay, Input Power, Customized service, etc.



The most important point is the relationship between Insertion Loss (IL) and 

Bandwidth(Pass Band) 

1. Helical Filter: The larger Bandwidth, the less Insertion Loss.
    ex: IL =2~5 dB at BW=10~60MHz
           IL < 1 dB at BW=100 MHz
2. Saw Filter: The larger Bandwidth, the more Insertion Loss.
    ex: IL =1~5 dB at BW=1~10MHz
           IL > 20 dB at BW > 40 MHz



Items Helical BP Filter Saw Filter

Center Frequency 


Fo = 44~2600MHz

(Accept Customized Fo.)

Fo = Fixed Freq. only 

(Each Freq. needs a New mask)

Band Width



B.W.= 2~250MHz

(Accept Customized BW)


B.W.=0.1MHz UP Only

(Fixed  B.W.)

*Insertion Loss


IL=1.0 ~ 8.0 dB

( The more BW, the less IL

about 0.5 dB)

IL=3 ~ 30 dB

( The more BW, the more IL

about >10~20 dB)

*BW & 

Insertion Loss

BW <10 MHz , IL= 2.0~ 5.0 dB

BW< 10 MHz, IL =1.0 ~ 5.0 dB

BW >100 MHz , IL < 1.0 dB

BW> 40 MHz, IL > 20 dB

*Group Delay 

<10~20 nsec

( The more BW, the less Group Delay )

 > 20 nsec

( The more BW, the more Group Delay ) 

Customized Service

Initial Charge 


per item

 Thousands USD

per mask  

Impedance 50 /75 Ohms 500 ~ 2k Ohms

Delivery (Lead Time): 

Sample / Mass Prod. 


7~10/ 35~45 Work Days


60~90/ 60~90 Days 


Min. Requirement

Min. Order Qty

10 PCS / per item

Min. Order Qty

 Thousands PCS / per item

In-put Power

1~4 Watts 

(depend on frequency)

<0.2 Watts


Case Type

Pin Type

7H/ 7S/ 5W/ 5R/

SMD Type


 * Special feature 

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