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How to read Temwell Spec 

If you don't understand Temwell Spec and Performance, but you need to compare your Spec with Temwell Spec, please refer to the following curve to define your filter spec according to Temwell Spec base.
(1) Sample Performance Curve 

(2) Spec Explanation



Point 1              Center Frequency (Fo)
Point 2              Insertion Loss (IL)  from Level 0 to Fo 
Point 3              BandWidth (BW)  at (-3)dB

Point 4

             Distance of  Fo-(  )MHz

Point 5

             Distance of  Fo+(  )MHz

Point 6

             Sensitivity (Attenuation)  at Fo- ( )MHz  from Fo

Point 7

             Sensitivity (Attenuation)  at Fo+( )MHz  from Fo

*You can compare each spec with its curve performance.

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